Dreaming of Greener Pastures

On April 1, 2017 we received the key to our house in the small village of Nieuwland, municipality of Vijfheerenlanden. 

What did we get ourselves into?


We started living in a detached rural 1930s house with a beautiful vista of the meadows.

 Our hearts' desires have finally come true! 

Moving from a busy city to a rustic village. 

Living in freedom with more space and a view of meadows with cows! 

That was our hard requirement during our search for our dream home.

We wanted cows and we got cows,

when they actually hopped onto the pasture a little later in April!

 What a beautiful sight this was! 

Not only a party for the cows, but also us and we are still happy about moving here every day. 

An added bonus is that we can get to watch lots of sheep, and little lambs in the spring.



Here, on farmland near Leerdam and Gorinchem, we were able to make our dream come true. 

But there was not just a house on this lot, no, there were three buildings! 

A house, a barn annexe and a horse shed!

The first two years we kept busy renovating the house and decorating the garden. 

The second outbuilding became a workshop and storage space for garden tools and bicycles.

In 2019, our third year here, all the basic work was done and we looked at each other: What  now? 

What do we do with the annexe, an oversized stone barn with an attic floor?



The Birth of a New Dream and Wish

We wondered if we couldn't make better use of the annexe, which we mainly used for storage.

Many different ideas were discussed; A man cave, a meeting room,

a practice space for bands, a spa/sauna or even a B&B?

The idea of ​​a B&B lingered.

 Would that be something for us, would that be fun to do?

We became avid viewers of the Bed and Breakfast program on Dutch television. 

We kept on dreaming.

Because the annexe is detached, we found it very suitable to make two fine, luxurious hotel rooms in.

This way we can receive our guests without them losing their privacy (and us ours). 

We created the rooms after what we would desire out of a hotel room,

if we spend the night somewhere else.

A pleasant bed, a good shower and enough space and privacy.

 And of course a wonderful breakfast to start the day off with.

We dreamed up a new dream and wished ourselves a B&B to welcome nice guests in.  



Plan Ahead

What it had to be was now established, but how were we going to do it? 

2020 was all about refining our plans. 

We made 100,000 drawings of all possible layouts and talked to the municipality of Vijfheerenlanden

to verify what we were allowed to change.

Then we looked for a good construction partner to carry out the renovation. 

The renovation started on January 3, 2022, which was completed in June 2022.

In September 2022 we can really open our Bed & Breakfast De Bodderie.

Our dream has come true!



Our Mission

As a valued guest, you can stay in our hotel rooms in real luxury in the countryside! 

You have a spacious room with a good bed, a full bathroom and facilities such as a kitchenette and a good WiFi.

Guests on business are also very welcome at B&B 'De Bodderie'. 

From this pleasant pied-à-terre, centrally located in the Netherlands,

you can quickly reach the surrounding towns by car. 

An electric charging station is also available.



Why Name it 'De Bodderie'?

The name, B&B De Bodderie, has been deliberately chosen. 

The Bodderie is a contraction of our surname and the farms in the distance,

which our guests gaze upon when they stay with us. 

The cows and sheep are literally grazing next door. 

The name of 'De Bodderie' was therefore quickly found and fits exactly with our B&B!



Come to 'De Bodderie' and Let us Spoil You!

We will do our very best at familiarizing you with everything which can be done here in this beautiful area.

The area around the riverlands was also new to us in 2017,

but we have already discovered a lot of beautiful places since then. 

There is plenty to do in the area by bicycle, on foot and by car. 

We would like to share all of these with you!


In short, You are Most Welcome at B&B De Bodderie!


Rob & Karin Bodde

Bed & Breakfast De Bodderie

Nieuwland, municipality of Vijfheerenlanden