Nieuwland is located in the middle of the beautiful riverlands of the Netherlands. 

In thise green surroundings you can enjoy nature. Whether on foot, while cycling or on a boat trip.


You can also reach one of the large neighbouring cities by car in no time for a fun city trip:

Shopping or a stroll through the city in Utrecht, Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft, Breda, Den Bosch or Arnhem? 

Not a problem.


There is something fun to do for everyone in the direct area surrounding 'De Bodderie'! 

If you wish, we can help you plan your day out.



Bicycling along the Linge

Take beautiful cycling trips alongside the Linge river.

Visit Gorinchem

Gorinchem is a historical fortified city.

In 2021 it has been elected fortified city of the year by the ANWB,

our national travelers' association.

You can take a delightful stroll in the center or on the old settlement walls.

Leerdam, city of glass

Leerdam is also worth a visit.

Cosy, intimate and pleasant.
The museum of glas is very interesting!

Boat trip on the Linge

Take a boat trip if you want to enjoy the beautiful nature along the river Linge.

Stay on the upper deck of the ship and have a snack or drink.

We shall reserve some nice weather for you!


Kinderdijk is a village in the Dutch province of South-Holland and

is best known for its picturescue windmills.

The village is part of the municipality of Molenlanden.

Kinderdijk is located at the place where the Noord and the Lek rivers meet.

The main activity of the villagers is shipbuilding.